Turnkey Solutions

TURNKEY CNC machine tool solutions made in North America

More than simply a process

TURNKEY solutions made by RACER are more than simply a process, they are an experience. Our team is continuously striving to think outside the box to develop a solution that will improve efficiency output while lowering component manufacturing costs. Even before any designing begins, our team takes the time to develop a relationship with your team and dedicate themselves to fully understanding the end goal colectively everyone will be working towards.

Made in North America

We design, we manufacture and we service. Through RACER, your single source turnkey solution experience will compose of the CNC machining center, fixtures and clamping systems, most optimal tooling as well complete programming and integration. All aspects for machining a component are considered when designing the right solution for your production needs.

Globally Unqiue Technology

RACER turnkey solutions are all built with our patented machine tool process, Phantom Machine Technology. This process offers several advantages to the end user including flexibility in outside the box machine designs, greater rigidity for faster, smoother cuts reducing tooling costs, better machining efficiency and more cost friendly installation requirements.

You Get All The Details

We invite you to experience the RACER turnkey solution. Our team is ready to listen and provide you with answers:
  • Best way to produce a component?
  • What is the per unit cost?
  • How long are the cutting times?
  • What tooling is required?
  • What would be the best fixture setup?
  • How will the CNC machine integrate into the production line
  • What CNC machining center will be needed?





CNC Machinery Configurations

  • CNC Multi Column Machining Center
  • CNC Twin Spindle Horizontal Machining Center
  • CNC Twin Spindle Vertical Machining Center
  • CNC Traveling Column Horizontal Machining Center
  • CNC Traveling Column Vertical Machining Center
  • CNC Floor Type Horizontal Machining Center
  • CNC Floor Type Vertical Machining Center

  • CNC Gantry Portal Type
  • CNC Feedscrew machining Center
  • CNC Totary Transfer Machines
  • CNC 5-Axis Machining Center
  • CNC Flexible Automation Manufacturing Cells
  • CNC Multi-Tasking Machining Center
  • CNC Vertical Turning Lathe VTL