State-of-the-art technology that redefines the machine tool industry and breaks a nearly two-hundred year old tradition – an evolution that’s setting new global benchmarks.


Phantom Machine Technology
Racer Machinery International Inc. and its team of experts have developed a technology so advanced that it redefines all aspects of the machine tool industry. This includes everything from the production of the equipment to the end users machining time, tooling requirements, tool savings and workplace noise pollution.

Phantom Machine Technology™ brings many advantages and benefits to our economy and environment. In comparision to current methods, the patented process allows for the production methods to be more environmentally friendly reducing the amount of pollutants released into our environment and consequently a safer working environment for our own employees. As for our end users, machine operators have a significantly reduced noise pollution in their production areas reducing health hazards from constant loud equipment operation.

Machinery built with the Phantom Machine Technology™ manufacturing process achieve performance levels that are unparallel to anything currently on the market. Cutting times are drastically reduced, tooling has a longer life span saving you in tooling costs, easy to setup and use and machinery has versatility in performance and also versatility in design, offering you the ability to have us custom design machines to meet your needs.

All our machinery embrace this technology and offer you nothing but the best in performance, efficiency, reliability and much more.

Phantom Machine Technology

The Phantom Machine Technology™ Advantage


  • Dramatically reduced machining time
  • Astounding cutting performance
  • Versatility in performance
  • Remarkable reduction in noise pollution
  • Extensive reduction in tooling costs; increase in tooling life
  • Easy setup and use
  • Flexibility in production capacity
  • Ridged construction assures optimal rigidity and stability during heavy cutting
  • Harmonized assembly allows for high quality finishing
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process; saving you more than just money but the air we all breathe too


  • Spindle Speeds up to 18,000 rpm
  • X travel up to 20 meters
  • Bore sizes up to 610 mm
  • Multi axis simultaneous controlled movement
  • Taking heavy duty machining to the next level
  • Each machine has a dynamic and static accuracy test
  • Automatic tool change as per customer request

*Capabilities vary based on machine type and manufacturing capabilities

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