Machine Tool Rebuilding & Retrofitting


What is CNC Control Retrofit?

Modernize your reliable CNC machine with a Siemens CNC Retrofit. Our experienced engineers will seamlessly integrate a new, state-of-the-art Siemens control system, significantly improving efficiency and ensuring your machine remains competitive in today’s manufacturing landscape.


What is a Machine Tool Rebuild?

Extend the life of your CNC machine with a cost-effective rebuild. We restore key mechanical components for renewed accuracy, precision, and performance.

  • Benefits of Rebuilding or Retrofitting

    • Cost-Effective: Rebuilds are typically 50-60% less expensive than buying a new machine.
    • Reduced Downtime: Rebuilds get your existing machine back in operation faster than waiting for a new one to be delivered.
    • Existing Foundation Compatibility: You can avoid costly foundation modifications by keeping the original machine base.
    • Familiar Operation: Maintain your existing tooling and operator knowledge by keeping the familiar machine frame.
    • Durable Construction: Many older CNC machines were built with robust cast iron bases, which offer long-lasting performance after a rebuild.

  • Machines Serviced

    Our machine retrofit & rebuild include vertical boring mills, vertical
    turning lathes, horizontal boring mills, gantry and bridge mills, 5-Axis machines.

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