CNC Multi-Column Machine Cells utilize multiple workstations on both horizontal and vertical axis performing various operations simultaneously. Virtually no job is impossible with up to 5 axis CNC spindle control per column and multiple tool changers for each spindle. With our flexible design technology, we can meet your part production needs to the highest tolerances, competitively.

Weldments, forgings, extrusions, or castings, made from steel, aluminum, or any exotic material our machines will outperform conventional CNC machining centers. The MCX series’ remarkable repeatability and tolerance are due to parts being machined in 1 setup and using RACER-designed part fixture clamping systems as well as the ability to have wet/dry or MQL machining. The MCX series is powered by the Siemens 840D SL series CNC controller allowing for extremely easy integration to automation cells, production lines, and any convenient auxiliary accessories the customer requires.

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