CNC Gantry Portal Type Machining Center

CNC Gantry Portal Type
Machining Centers

GTX Series
The GTX is designed for high capacity machining. With high weight capacity and size diversity allows for heavy industries to benefit with this superior performance machining center.

Models available:
3000, 4000, 6000 or RACER Turnkey Solution

Available Configurations:
  • CNC Gantry Portal Type Machining Center
  • CNC 5-Axis Machining Center
Standard Features:
 High Speed CNC Controller with manual guide
 High precision linear guide ways on all axis
 High precision ball screws on all axis
 Automatic air tool clamping/unclamping
 Control cabinet heat exchanger
 Air blast through spindle
 Centralized automatic lubrication system
 Fully enclosed safety guard
 Operation status light
 Cooling system with hi-pressure pump
 Air gun and coolant spray gun
 MPG hand wheel
 RS-323 interface
 PCMCIA interface on operator panel
 Rigid tapping
 Way covers on all axis
 Chip conveyor screw type
 Adjusting tools and tool box
 Emergency stop switch
 Leveling bolts and pads
 Operation and programming manual
 CSA approved electrical cabinet

Mechanical Features:
 Rigid, precision spindle supported with precision P4 class bearings provides an extra wide range of machining capacity and high speed. The circulating oil cooling system on the spindle head prevents thermal expansion and offers the best precision machining environment.
 High precision ball screws mounted with a double ball screw support bearing on all three axis ensures high positioning accuracy, durability and position repeatability
 High precision linear guideways providing high accuracy, smooth operation, low noise, large capacity and high reliability

CNC Features:
 High precision Nano CNC system
 State of the art Servo Technology (HRV control)
 Centralized Monitoring and Management through network
 Reduction of Cable by ultra high speed serial data transfer
 Dual check safety with high safety standards
 Award winning energy saving servo system
 Input/output by memory card inserted at side of the display panel
 CNC rotary indexing table
   _ Rotating speed can reach 33.3 RPM
   _ Double powerful brake system
   _ Indexing accuracy : ±2secs. or ±3secs.
   _ Maximum load of 6000kg
   _ Rotating direction: CW/CCW

 Automatic tool change
   _ Chain-type ATC driven by a cam system
   _ Rapid and precise locating
   _ CAM Type: Dual Arm
   _ Tool capacity 32/60
   _ Maximum tool length 300mm

 Multi-position CNC Universal Milling Head
 Spindle oil chiller (circulating system)
model 3000 4000 6000
x axis (mm) 3,000 4,000 6,000
y axis (mm) 2,000 2,500 3,000
z axis (mm) 1,000 1,000 1,000
spindle head up to 2 axis
up to 2 axis
up to 2 axis
spindle speed (rpm) up to 24,000 up to 24,000 up to 24,000
spindle taper CAT 50
CAT 50
CAT 50
atc capacity up to 64 up to 64 up to 64

*specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice