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The HX Series. a new addition to E-R Maier™ line up.

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A success in Frankfurt, Germany Euromold exhibition

The HX Series horizontal cutting saw is the newest addition to the E-R Maier™ line up. The HX Series models feature a combination of old history with the touch of state of the art process manufacturing that puts this saw ahead of its competitors.

The series features four different models offering everything from economical options to full automated production options. With our patented manufacturing process we can even custom manufacturere a product to meet your needs.

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RMI is the sole manufacturer of the respectable E-R Maier™ Vertical Gravity Saw.

Another successful year at the Euromold Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our RMI booth, it was a pleasure to have met representatives from the likes of Turkey, Egypt, India, Russia, USA, Iran, Korea, Canada and of course Germany.

If you would like to see pictures from our Euromold 2008 Exhibition. please click here.

A success in Frankfurt, Germany Euromold exhibition.

With over three decades of production so far, the E-R Maier™ KM 1012 vertical gravity saw has created a respectable name for itself and RMI is proud to announce the addition of the KM 1012 to it’s ever growing products it manufacturers.

Continuing its long line of tradition, experience and genuine craftsmanship, the third generation is ready to bring in the new era of vertical gravity saw with many beneficial additions. Look forward to new and exciting options, features and models.

Just below you will find a direct link to additional E-R Maier™ product information:

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A successful outcome at Euromold 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany

Germany was the stepping stone for RMI as the company branches off into the global market. With the success of Euromold 2007, RMI plans to attend many more international exhibitions in 2008. Visit our news & events page for upcoming events and annoucments.