Machining Center – CAX Series

  • Machine Description

    CAX Series – 5 Axis Machining

    Versatile 5-axis solution designed for various applications. This machine seamlessly integrates with our CNC control panel, offering precision and efficiency in your tasks.

    The dedicated control panel is not only high-performing but also user-friendly, making it adaptable to a wide range of manufacturing processes. Whether you’re an experienced professional or new to machining, the CAX 320 Series provides a straightforward and efficient experience.

    Explore the practical applications and capabilities of the CAX series.

  • Key Highlights
    • Windows Based: The CNC control is built on a Windows platform, ensuring familiarity and ease of use for operators accustomed to this widely-used operating system.
    • Touchscreen CNC Control: Experience intuitive and efficient control with a user-friendly touchscreen interface, simplifying your machining operations.
    • Part & Tool Probe: Enhance precision and efficiency with the integrated part and tool probe, streamlining the laser cutting process by automating measurement tasks.
    • Technical Support: Our commitment extends beyond the product. Benefit from dedicated technical support, ensuring that any queries or issues are promptly addressed by our knowledgeable team.
    • Ergonomic Control Console: Work comfortably and efficiently with our ergonomic control console, designed to reduce operator fatigue and enhance overall user experience during prolonged machining sessions.
    • Chilled Ball Screws & Spindle: Maintain optimal performance with chilled ball screws and spindle, ensuring temperature control to prevent overheating and guaranteeing consistent machining results.


    • Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining: Boost productivity with simultaneous 5-axis machining capabilities, allowing you to tackle complex tasks with efficiency and precision, saving valuable time in the process.
  • Industry Applications

    Aerospace Industry

    Achieve precision in the aerospace realm with our CNC solutions, delivering seamless and efficient machining processes tailored to the unique demands of the aerospace industry.


    Precision Engineering

    In precision engineering, our CNC solutions stand as reliable tools, contributing to the meticulous manufacturing of components. We emphasize practicality and efficiency to meet the specific demands of precision engineering applications.


    Armed Forces and Defense

    Supporting the defense sector, our CNC solutions contribute to the reliable and precise manufacturing of essential components. Our focus is on providing practical and efficient solutions for the unique needs of the armed forces.



    Our Medical CNC Solutions contribute to precise manufacturing for healthcare needs. Focused on practical efficiency, we cater to the unique requirements of the medical sector, ensuring reliable performance in crafting essential components for healthcare applications.


Technical Data

Trunnion Type CAX 320 CAX 450 CAX 500
MOVE TYPE Fix column Fix column Fix column
Table Size & Number (mm) Ø320 Ø450 Ø500
Travel Ranges (X/Y/Z mm) 660 x 610 x 610 760 x 610 x 560 760 x 610 x 560
Screw Size (Size X Pitch mm) 12 x 90 14 x 45 14 x 45 x 8
Max. Table Load (kg) 150 250 350
Max. Workpiece Size (Wxh mm) Ø420x 300 Ø600x 300 Ø600 x 305
Diameter Of Table Hole (mm) Ø50 Ø171 Ø50
Spindle Nose To Table Surface (mm) 50~605 50~565 35~595
A Axis, Tilt (Deg)/(0.001°) 150°(-120°/+30°) 220°(±110°) 220°(±110°)
C Axis, Rotary (Deg)/(0.001°) 360°
Distance Between Column (mm) CAT 40
Spindle Inner Diameter (mm) Ø70
Spindle Speed (Rpm) Belt 12000 (15000)
Spindle Speed (Rpm) Direct Drive 18000 (20000/24000) 18000 (20000/24000)
Spindle Speed (Rpm) Built-In 20000
Main Motor (Con/30min Kw) 9KW / 12KW
Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z M/Min) 30/30/24
Feed Rate (X/Y/Z M/Min) 10
Feed Rate (A/C Rev/Min) D.D Motor 5.5/11.5 30/90
X-Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 10
Yaxis Rated Torque(Nm) 10
Z-Axis Rated Torque(Nm) 10
A-Axis Rated Torque(Nm) D.D Motor 860
C-Axis Rated Torque(Nm) D.D Motor 435
Atc Type DISK (30) / Chain (40/60)
Tool Selection (Bi-Direction) RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM
Tool Storage Capacity (Pcs) 30(40/60) 30(40/60) 30(40/60)
Max. Tool Diameter (Mm) 90 (76) 90 (76) Ø90 (Ø76)
Max. Tool Length 300 300 250
Max. Tool Weight 8 8 8
Air Requirement (kg/Cm2) 6 6 6
Voltage 380 380 380
Power Requirement (Kva) 40 40 40
Coolant Tank Capacity (L) 300 300 300
Machine Weight (kgs) 6500 7000 7100
Machine Height (Mm) 2900 2900 3280
Floor Space (Lxw Mm) 2660 x 2230 3100 x 2230 3100 x 2390
Packing Size (Lxwxh Mm) 2660 x 2230 x 2560 3100 x 2230 x 2560 3150 x 2230 x 2560

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