Machining Center – FHX Series

  • Machine Description

    FHX Series – Horizontal Machining Center


    The FHX Horizontal Machining Center series is a versatile solution for different machining needs. With tables in various sizes and extensive travel ranges, it can handle a wide range of workpiece sizes. The spindle options, including ISO40 and CAT50/HSKA100, enable efficient machining at high speeds.

    Equipped with high-speed motors, the FHX series ensures fast and precise movements, and its advanced tool-changing system supports uninterrupted machining with various tool capacities. Overall, the FHX series is a reliable choice for diverse industrial applications.

  • Key Highlights
    • Diverse table sizes: Ranging from 500 x 500 mm to 1600 x 1320 mm, catering to various workpiece dimensions
    • Extensive travel ranges: X-axis from 650 mm to 3000 mm, Y-axis from 560 mm to 2200 mm, and Z-axis from 560 mm to 1420 mm
    • Flexible spindle options: ISO40 and CAT50/HSKA100 spindles with speeds up to 15,000 rpm for efficient machining
    • High-speed servo motors: Achieving rapid feed rates of 30/24/30 m/min (X/Y/Z) and 41/41/41 m/min for selected models
    • Advanced tool-changing system: Featuring a chain or chain/matrix ATC type, supporting up to 40 to 360 tool storage capacity for uninterrupted machining operations
  • Industry Applications

    Aerospace Industry

    Achieve precision in the aerospace realm with our CNC solutions, delivering seamless and efficient machining processes tailored to the unique demands of the aerospace industry.

    Automotive Industry

    Enhance automotive precision through our CNC solutions, offering streamlined solutions for efficient and precise machining processes in the automotive industry.

    Mechanical Engineering

    In the field of CNC mechanical engineering solutions, our focus is on delivering reliable tools that contribute seamlessly to the precise crafting of components. We emphasize practicality and efficiency to meet the specific demands of mechanical engineering applications, prioritizing precision and reliability in our approach.

Technical Data

TABLE FHX 500/FHX500A FHX 800 FHX 1250 FHX 1600
Table Size & Number (mm) 500 x 500 800 x 800 1250 x 1000 1600 x 1320
Travel X 650 1600 2200 3000
Travel Y 560 1230 1800 2200
Travel Z 560 1020 1200 1420
Screw size (Size x Pitch mm) 18 x 100 x 5
Max. Table Load (kg) 400 2500 5000 8000
Max. Workpiece Size (W x H mm) Ø630 x 610
Spindle Center to Table surface (mm) 50
Spindle Nose to Table Center (mm) 100
Table Index (deg) 1° (0.001°)
Method of Pallet Changer
Spindle Taper ISO40 CAT50/HSKA100
Spindle Inner Diameter (mm) Ø70
Spindle Speed (rpm) Belt 8000
Spindle Speed (rpm) Gear 8000 6000
Spindle Speed (rpm) Built-in 15000
Main Motor (con/30 min Kw) 15HP
Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z m/min) 30/24/30 41/41/41
Feed Rate (X/Y/Z/ m/min) 10
X Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 10
Y Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 10
Z Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 10
B Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 10
B Axis Max. Rpm 16.6
Cam Type ARM
Tool Selection (Bi-direction) RANDOM
Tool Storage Capacity (PCs) 40 {62/88/128/160/240} {120/180/240/360}
Max. Tool Diameter (mm) Ø76
Max. Tool Length 300
Max. Tool Weight 8
Air Requirement (kg/cm2) 6
Hydraulic Requirement (kg/cm2, L) 35, 60L
Voltage 220
Power Requirement (KVA) 40
Coolant Tank Capacity (L) 300
Machine Weight (kgs) 6500 26000 38000 66000
Machine Height (mm) 2425
Floor Space (L x W mm) 3055 x 4560
Packing Size (L x W x H mm) 2200 x 2900 x 2500

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