Machining Center – GMX Series

  • Machine Description

    GMX Series – Overhead Gantry

    Introducing the Racer GMX series, a masterpiece designed for heavy-duty dynamic machining. Experience the perfect blend of precision with the overhead gantry, coupled with the robust power and output reminiscent of portal and gantry milling machines.

    Aligned with the modular principle, the GMX series offers a myriad of controls, table configurations, milling heads/spindles, and tool changer setups, making it the go-to solution for application.

    Ranging from moulds & dies to aerospace titanium structures, landing gears, and general engineering components.

  • Key Highlights

     • Adaptable workspace, size, and use

    • Compact gantry design compared to traveling tables

    • Innovative Phantom Machine Technology for strength

    • Spindle tailored to the task

    • Efficiently cooled spindle

    • Complete 5/6 axis functionality

    • Modern CNC control – Siemens One or FANUC 30i series

    • Optional rotary table

  • Industry Applications

    Aerospace Industry

    Achieve precision in the aerospace realm with our CNC solutions, delivering seamless and efficient machining processes tailored to the unique demands of the aerospace industry.

    Automotive Industry

    Enhance automotive precision through our CNC solutions, offering streamlined solutions for efficient and precise machining processes in the automotive industry.

Application Parts

Technical Data

DescriptionGMX Series
TravelsX-Axis4,000 - 10,000mm (in 500mm steps)
Y-Axis3,000 - 10,000mm ( in 500 mm steps)
Z-Axis1,500 - 2,500 mm
TableX-Axis3,000 - 9,000 mm
Y-Axis2,000 - 9,000 mm
Max. FeedrateX/Y/Z40/40/20 m/min
C-Axisup to 10 rev/min (Dependent on size)
SpindlePowerAssigned by Application
TorqueAssigned by Application
Number of Headsup to five (5)
Tool HolderCapto -8, HSK100T/A
Tool ChangerToolsup to 240
TypeChain or Robot

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