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Phantom Machine Technology: Impact on Accuracy

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In the heart of the technological evolution lies Phantom Machine Technology, a groundbreaking innovation by Racer Machinery International Inc. that transcends the boundaries of conventional machine tool manufacturing.

This Halloween, as spirits roam and the world changes, we introduce you to a revolutionary concept that’s casting an otherworldly spell on the machine tool industry.


“State-of-the-art technology that redefines the machine tool industry and breaks

a nearly two-hundred year old tradition – an evolution that’s setting new global benchmarks.”




Phantom Machine Technology™ – Beyond Tradition

Say farewell to the familiar norms of the machine tool industry that have persisted for nearly two centuries. Racer Machinery International Inc., armed with expertise and ingenuity, has disrupted the status quo with a patented technology that redefines manufacturing from the ground up.



Haunting Advantages for Economy and Environment

Phantom Machine Technology™ isn’t just an innovation; it’s a harbinger of benefits for both our economy and environment. The patented process boasts environmental friendliness, reducing pollutants and fostering a safer workspace for our employees. For end users, it’s a symphony of silence as the cacophony of machinery gives way to reduced noise pollution, ensuring healthier production environments.



Specter of Performance Unleashed

Machinery birthed from the Phantom Machine Technology™ boasts unparalleled performance, thrusting you into a realm of unrivaled productivity. Cutting times are slashed, tooling life spans extended, and setup becomes a breeze. Its adaptability in both performance and design offers the power of customization, tailored to your needs.


The Phantom Machine Technology™ Advantage:
  1. Dramatically Reduced Machining Time: Witness the magic of shortened machining processes, where time bends to the will of innovation.
  2. Astounding Cutting Performance: Experience cutting prowess that seems almost supernatural, setting new benchmarks in precision.
  3. Versatility in Performance: Harness the flexibility to traverse diverse production landscapes with ease and expertise.
  4. Remarkable Noise Pollution Reduction: Embrace the calm of reduced noise, where machines hum in harmony with the work environment.
  5. Extensive Tooling Savings: Witness the extended life of tools, saving resources and costs while boosting efficiency.
  6. Easy Setup and Usage: Navigate the machinery with simplicity, as setup and operation become a seamless endeavor.
  7. Flexibility in Production Capacity: Customize your production capacity with a technology that adapts to your requirements.
  8. Unparalleled Rigidity and Stability: Engage in heavy-duty machining with confidence, as the machinery’s rigidity ensures optimal stability.
  9. Harmonized Assembly: Admire the flawless finish that comes from harmonized assembly, a testament to quality.
  10. Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing: Breathe easier with a manufacturing process that not only saves resources but also respects our shared air.


Capabilities Beyond the Veil

Phantom Machine Technology isn’t bound by the ordinary. With spindle speeds reaching up to 18,000 rpm, X travel stretching up to 20 meters, bore sizes of up to 610 mm, and the finesse of multi-axis simultaneous controlled movement, it’s a transcendental experience in heavy-duty machining.




This Halloween, as the veil between realities thins, Phantom Machine Technology™ emerges as the embodiment of innovation. Racer Machinery International Inc. introduces a technology that not only redefines the machine tool industry but also beckons you to embrace precision, efficiency, and a new world of possibilities.

Step into the realm of Phantom Machine Technology™ and witness the rise of an industry transformed.

Standard Modern Lathes: CNC Technology

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In the dynamic realm of manufacturing, innovation thrives on the convergence of tradition and technology. Enter Standard Modern Lathes, a brand that has embraced the power of automation through CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology. As the heartbeat of modern machining, Standard Modern integrate CNC to automate processes, catapulting productivity to new heights while ensuring unwavering precision.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the world of Standard Modern Lathes, uncovering the remarkable fusion of CNC and automation that’s reshaping the landscape of manufacturing.


In manufacturing’s dynamic landscape, tradition meets technology with Standard Modern Lathes.


A Symphony of Precision and Control

Standard Modern Lathes infused with CNC technology orchestrate movements with unparalleled precision. Computer programs guide cutting tools, sculpting intricate shapes, profiles, and dimensions with exacting accuracy.



Enhanced Efficiency, Elevated Productivity

Standard Modern with CNC capabilities bring a new dimension to efficiency. Rapid tool changes, automated workpiece positioning, and reduced idle time between cuts propel productivity to unprecedented levels.


Consistency Woven in Automation

At the heart of CNC technology lies consistency. Standard Modern execute each cycle with unwavering precision, ensuring that every workpiece adheres to the highest standards set by the brand.


Embracing Complexity with Confidence

The amalgamation of CNC technology unlocks the ability to tackle complex designs and profiles. This synergy empowers machinists to create intricate patterns and custom threads that were once considered formidable challenges.


Versatility Redefined

The prowess of Standard Modern Lathes amplified by CNC technology transcends singular tasks. These lathes gracefully shift from one project to another, adapting to diverse workpieces and production demands effortlessly.



Minimizing Human Error, Maximizing Quality

CNC technology in Standard Modern Lathes minimizes the risk of human error. By following pre-set programs, these lathes ensure that deviations are minimized, resulting in products of uncompromised quality.


Standard Modern, with their integration of CNC technology, herald a new era of precision and automation. This isn’t just about machines; it’s about redefining the art of manufacturing with a brand that resonates with excellence.

The power of CNC technology in Standard Modern is an ode to progress, where each piece is a testament to the brand’s commitment to perfection and innovation. As automation takes center stage, CNC lathes lead the ensemble, crafting a future defined by precision, efficiency, and unmatched quality.



RACER Receives $1.4 Million Boost from Canada’s Federal Economic Development Agency

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Read the original News Release from Government of Canada from October 2022.





Cambridge-based Racer Machinery International Inc. (RACER) is on the cusp of an exciting development in its journey within the aerospace industry. The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) has announced a substantial investment of nearly $1.4 million in RACER. This investment is poised to enhance the company’s productivity, global competitiveness, and pave the way for over 30 new jobs. It’s a significant move that reaffirms the company’s commitment to innovation and growth within the global aerospace supply chain.

“Today’s investment in Racer Machinery International Inc. is great news for Cambridge and Canada’s aerospace sector. The project will help the company boost global competitiveness and support 31 local jobs while contributing to the growth of the aerospace sector here in southern Ontario.”

– Valerie Bradford, Member of Parliament for Kitchener South–Hespeler.


Aerospace Manufacturing in Canada



The aerospace industry in Canada is a research-intensive and export-focused powerhouse, employing thousands of highly skilled individuals across the country. Ontario, in particular, plays a crucial role in the global supply chain for passenger aircraft, working closely with local academia and businesses to develop and commercialize cutting-edge products and technologies.



FedDev Ontario’s Support for Racer Machinery International



On October 13, 2022, in a press release from Cambridge, Ontario, Valerie Bradford, Member of Parliament for Kitchener South–Hespeler, made a significant announcement on behalf of the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. The government has allocated nearly $1.4 million in support of Racer Machinery International Inc., a family-owned aerospace manufacturer located in Cambridge, Ontario.

RACER specializes in the development and production of complex aerospace parts for helicopters and gas turbine engines. With this repayable investment, the company is set to revolutionize its manufacturing processes, reducing material waste and ultimately boosting productivity. As a result, this project will create and sustain up to 31 jobs and increase annual domestic and international sales by as much as $7 million.



A Greener and More Sustainable Future



The Government of Canada is committed to supporting the aerospace sector in southern Ontario, ensuring that businesses have the necessary support to grow, generate employment, and contribute to a robust recovery and future economic growth in a greener and more sustainable manner.

In conclusion, Racer Machinery International’s strategic investment by the Canadian government is a promising development for the aerospace industry. It reflects a commitment to innovation, growth, and sustainability, ensuring that the company remains a key player in the global aerospace supply chain while contributing to the local and national economy. This investment is a testament to the ongoing collaboration between government, businesses, and the aerospace sector in southern Ontario.

Medical Device Manufacturing: RACER Industry Solutions

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In the realm of medical device manufacturing, precision isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Enter CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, the unsung heroes redefining this crucial industry.

From intricate implants to life-saving equipment, CNC machines are at the heart of precision, ensuring accuracy and safety that leave no room for compromise. Let’s shine a spotlight on the pivotal role CNC machines play in revolutionizing medical device manufacturing.


In medical device manufacturing, CNC machines are the precision pioneers, revolutionizing safety and accuracy.



Precision Beyond Measure

The medical field demands precision down to the micron. CNC machines rise to this challenge with unyielding accuracy, sculpting components with meticulous detail that meets stringent medical standards.



Complex Geometry, Perfected

From surgical instruments to prosthetics, consistency is paramount. CNC machines ensure that each iteration of a medical device matches the desired specifications, eliminating variations that could compromise performance.



Consistency in Production

From surgical instruments to prosthetics, consistency is paramount. CNC machines ensure that each iteration of a medical device matches the desired specifications, eliminating variations that could compromise performance.



Implants Redefined

Implants are life-changing, and their precision is non-negotiable. CNC machines create implantable devices that fit seamlessly into the human body, improving patient outcomes and quality of life.


Safety at the Core

In the medical field, safety is paramount. CNC machines ensure that medical devices are manufactured with the highest level of quality control, minimizing the risk of defects or malfunctions.



Customization with Care

No two patients are the same, and neither are their needs. CNC machines facilitate customization, allowing medical devices to be tailored to each patient’s unique requirements.



CNC machines are the silent heroes in medical device manufacturing, chiseling a future where precision and safety go hand in hand. From implants to equipment, these machines transform raw materials into life-saving tools that doctors and patients rely on.


As CNC technology advances, the medical field advances with it, carving a safer and more promising future for us all.



Insights from OEM Tool Suppliers: Adapting to Manufacturing Challenges

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In the intricate landscape of manufacturing, challenges often act as catalysts for innovation and collaboration. In this realm, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) tool suppliers play a pivotal role by partnering with manufacturers to design custom tooling solutions that address specific manufacturing challenges. This collaboration doesn’t only offer solutions; it promotes better industry understanding and commitment to advancing manufacturing practices.


Join us as we explore the world of custom solutions provided by OEM tool suppliers and how these collaborations redefine the manufacturing landscape.


Challenges fuel innovation and collaboration in manufacturing. OEM tool suppliers partner to create

custom solutions, revolutionizing industry understanding and advancing practices.



Identifying Industry Needs: The Foundation of Custom Solutions

In an ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, each industry faces its unique set of challenges. OEM tool suppliers, such as Racer Machinery International, listen to the pain points of manufacturers before embarking on the journey of crafting custom solutions.



Collaborative Ideation: A Convergence of Expertise

The process of crafting custom solutions is inherently collaborative. Engineers, designers, and experts from both the OEM tool supplier and the manufacturer come together to pool their insights and ideas. This melting pot of knowledge often leads to innovative breakthroughs that might not have been possible otherwise.



Precision Engineering: The Art of Custom Tooling

Once the challenge is well understood, the OEM tool supplier brings their precision engineering expertise into play. Collaborative discussions and design iterations take place to ensure that the custom tooling solution not only addresses the challenge but also integrates seamlessly into the existing manufacturing processes.




Prototyping and Testing: Validating the Solution

Before a custom solution becomes a standard practice, prototypes are created and subjected to rigorous testing. This phase ensures that the solution not only meets the desired outcomes but also stands up to the demands of real-world manufacturing environments.



Fine-Tuning for Optimal Performance: Iterative Refinement

Custom solutions are seldom a one-size-fits-all endeavor. OEM tool suppliers work closely with manufacturers to fine-tune the solution based on feedback and results. This iterative process ensures that the custom solution aligns perfectly with the manufacturer’s needs.



Delivering Empowerment: The Impact of Custom Solutions

As the custom solution takes shape, it’s delivered to the manufacturer’s doorstep—a tool of transformation. This solution not only addresses the initial challenge but also empowers the manufacturer to overcome similar obstacles in the future.



Measured Success: A Reflection of Collaborative Progress

The true success of a custom solution lies in the results it achieves. Efficiency, reduced downtime, product quality—these are the outcomes that signify the effectiveness of the efforts between OEM tool suppliers and manufacturers.


The world of custom solutions provided by OEM tool suppliers is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. In partnerships like that of Racer Machinery International, challenges become opportunities, and solutions are forged through an understanding of needs.

As manufacturing evolves, these collaborations continue to shape the landscape, propelling the industry toward greater efficiency, precision, and sustainability.


Recognized by Feedspot in Top CNC Blogs

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We are pleased to share that Racer Machinery International has been recognized among the top CNC blogs in the industry. Our blog, dedicated to providing valuable insights and information, has earned a place on the esteemed list of the “70 Best CNC Blogs to Follow in 2023,” curated by Feedspot.

Your trusted resource for CNC insights, recognized by Feedspot as a top industry reference.



At Racer Machinery International, our commitment to excellence and innovation in the CNC industry has led to this noteworthy recognition. With over 13,000 views as of September 30, 2023, we are dedicated to sharing our expertise in the world of CNC.


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In a world where information is constantly evolving, Feedspot is your indispensable ally for simplifying and optimizing your content consumption. Explore its features and unlock the power of streamlined, convenient content tracking.




Our Blog

So, what can you expect when you explore Racer’s Blog?

Expert Insights: Our team of industry experts shares their knowledge on CNC machines, OEM tool supplies, and manufacturing trends. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting in the CNC field, our blog offers valuable insights to keep you informed and inspired.

In-Depth Articles: Delve into topics like CNC technology, automation, and digitalization in manufacturing through our comprehensive articles. Gain a thorough understanding of the latest advancements in the industry.

Success Stories: Discover how Racer Machinery International has made a difference for businesses with our CNC solutions. Real-world success stories from our clients highlight the tangible benefits of our products and services.

Industry Solutions: Discover how Racer Machinery International provides tailored solutions for businesses in various industries with our CNC technology.




We take pride in our inclusion on this esteemed list of CNC blogs, all recognized by Feedspot. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to provide informative and engaging content. Whether you’re searching for advice to enhance your CNC operations or seeking insights into marketing trends, Racer’s Blog stands as your reliable source.

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Manufacturing Day 2023: A Celebration of Impact

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Every year, Manufacturing Day serves as a testament to the profound influence of manufacturing on local communities. It’s a day to celebrate the positive impact this industry has on job creation, economic growth, and community engagement.


In this blog, we’ll explore how Manufacturing Day magnifies the significant and far-reaching effects of manufacturing on local areas.


“Manufacturing Day 2023 is a day to celebrate the positive impact on local communities.”


Job Creation: A Strong Foundation for Communities

One of the most tangible ways manufacturing benefits local communities is through job creation. Manufacturing facilities often serve as major employers, offering a diverse range of positions that span from skilled trades to management roles. These jobs provide stability and opportunities for career advancement, enriching the lives of individuals and families.

Additionally, manufacturing jobs are known for competitive wages, contributing to an improved standard of living within the community. This financial stability not only benefits those directly employed in manufacturing but also stimulates local businesses, from small shops to restaurants, as increased disposable income circulates through the community.

Manufacturers like Racer Machinery International, a prominent manufacturer based in Cambridge, Ontario, are deeply committed to job growth and the expansion of their workforce. They continually add new positions, providing both employment opportunities and a boost to the local economy.




Economic Growth: The Engine of Local Prosperity

Manufacturing stands as a driving force behind economic growth in local areas. It powers economic activity through various channels:


Supply Chain Networks:

Manufacturers often rely on local suppliers for materials and services, establishing a network of interconnected businesses that thrive together.


Tax Revenue:

The manufacturing industry contributes significantly to local tax revenue, which can be reinvested into the community for infrastructure development, schools, healthcare, and public services.


Real Estate and Property Values:

The presence of manufacturing facilities can lead to increased property values, benefiting homeowners and local governments alike.


Small Business Support:

Manufacturing businesses frequently collaborate with local small businesses for specialized services, creating a symbiotic relationship that sustains the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Community Investments:

Many manufacturing companies, including Racer Machinery International, are committed to community well-being and invest in initiatives such as education, workforce development, and charitable causes.


Community Engagement: Strengthening the Social Fabric

Manufacturers deeply root themselves in their communities, extending their engagement beyond economic contributions. They often actively participate in community engagement initiatives:


Education Partnerships:

Manufacturers commonly collaborate with local schools and colleges to provide training, internships, and apprenticeship programs, preparing students for future careers.


Environmental Stewardship:

Many manufacturers prioritize sustainable practices and actively engage in eco-friendly initiatives that benefit the environment and community health.


Community Events:

Manufacturers often sponsor or host community events, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity.


Workforce Development:

Manufacturers invest in the development of a skilled workforce, consequently enhancing the community’s overall employability.




Manufacturing Day 2023: Celebrating the Heart of Communities

Manufacturing Day is a special occasion that brings together manufacturers, educational institutions, and communities to celebrate the industry’s positive impact. It’s a day to engage with industry professionals, and witness firsthand how manufacturing strengthens local communities. Racer Machinery International, a prominent manufacturer based in Cambridge, Ontario, is an active participant in Manufacturing Day activities, showcasing its commitment to community engagement.



Conclusion: A Flourishing Partnership

Manufacturing and local communities share a symbiotic relationship that forms the bedrock of thriving regions. As we celebrate Manufacturing Day, we honor the enduring commitment of manufacturers, including Racer Machinery International, to building strong and resilient communities. The positive impact of manufacturing on local areas is a testament to the industry’s role in creating prosperity and enriching the lives of countless individuals and families.